Batís Campillo by Ana Vasco

The concept of the painting as a limit of space can also be seen in Batís Campillo´s compositions, where canvass is revealed to us as structured by means of the layout of certain geometric figures, in which colour and textures are chosen as the main elements. Controlling the compositon´s rhythm, she establishes a meticulous association between matter and form, where the initial coldness of the geometric transcends plasticity. These plastic expressions that she encloses in regular geometric forms –whether squares or rectangles- give rise to ideas and special cosmogony, since, evoking the dilemma between concept and nature, between mental constructions and biology, the wise combination between the curve and straight line takes us from what Ánxeles Penas called a “symbolic geography” of organic nature to the logical visualisation of purely abstract notions. Although her painting is eminently flat, it attains balance and chromatic harmony due to the interplay of contrasts, resulting in vigorous and dynamic surfaces based on this multiplicity of colour fragments subject to such a rigorous order that any alteration in their structure world affect the work´s general appearance.