Batís Campillo por Ánxeles Pena

The young painter from A Coruña Batís Campillo offers us, in the González Garcés Library, immaculate art, in which the sense of rhythm and colour stand out. Both of these combined result in work that immediately conveys a sensation of harmony and balance.
She uses, preferably, flat colours and geometric forms, arranged either in the shape of a reticle or (more often) a mandatic composition –circular, oval or rectangular- as if searching for a centre or axis on which to support itself. Examples of this are paintings such as A Orixe,, Puntos de encontro, Acuario and Nós e os outros.
Batís Campillo expresses, in her paintings, the need for finding one´s own territory, an interior world, where the beings come together in bonds of love, while defending themselves from all that is exterior and alienating: There is, in this regard, a continuous dialectic between the concave and the convex, between the curved line and the straight line, between sentiment and reason, between architecture and biology. Also present is the memory of the lineage, an Atlantis-rooted element that leads us to the mysterious sea of unsolved enigmas.