Batís Campillo por Aurora Pernaut

In his unequalled poetics of space, Gaston Bachelard suggests that the images of the house where we live become etched in us with the same intensity as ours becomes etched in it. The Spanish artist Batís Campillo transposes Bachelard´s idea to her painting, and she does so in work that is among the most singular aesthetic creation of our times.
Campillo wants -and endeavours- to make her painting become this language. However, one step is missing: insofar as the artist transcribes the images that have been etched in her memory, her canvases, collages and paper contemplate Bachelard´s notion, since they do not reveal the image that she has kept in her house and, therefore, reveal our image. Campillo has crossed over to the North American market, where her work is currently on display at the King´s Fine Arts Gallery of New York, enjoying a fine welcome on the part of both critics and collectors.