Batís Campillo by Damián Manzanares

"Batís, pintora de hoy"
The exhibition hall in the capital´s Town Hall is showing part of the A Coruña native Batís Campillo recent work. Although she has always been a painter and an artist, in recent time she has attained noteworthy ability and skill, as well as evident prestige that has moved her to leave her beloved Galicia and receive tokens of affection in our city. She finds Ciudad Real very friendly, with a very pleasant cultural life and social life that is striking to her eyes as a woman that has travelled all over the world and experiences her female and artistic vision wherever she goes, with her characteristic sweetness and charm.
I therefore believe that the 36 paintings that Batís Campillo has brought here belong to the latest work she has carried out in her A Coruña studio, so that it is surprising to see the precise combination between the flights of her imagination and her technique and marked geometric quality, which has a lot to do with Picasso and different Oriental cultures.
And the fact is that, accustomed mainly and figurative and landscape painting, this series of works by Batís Campillo my catch our attention, especially when we contemplate her paintings several times. It seems that we cannot, at first glance, understand all of their message, all of their meaning and all of the communication they enclose, or rather contain, since her formal research and meticulous work make her express her intimacy and cosmopolitan culture, for which she employs or uses languages that may seem cryptic or even mysterious. That is why combining intellectual complexity an a certain simplicity in the plastic result may clearly denote her talent as a Galician and, of course, Spanish artist, something that she is proud of, even if this does not please everybody.
I believe that this shows, once again, that Art does not necessary have to be figurative, and that thinking in regions like Galicia, where there has always been important artistic movements, may make us see that our region has artistic avant-garde tendencies, and young and not-so-young artists, who do not share the most “consumer based” criteria, so that we have to see that, in all of Spain, Art and the arts are very diversified and attain almost endless perspectives.
Thus, Batís Campillo is a woman and a painter of today, of our time, who surprises and corroborates the “open” character of her works, their multiple “interpretations”, the pleasant tone of her interior expressions that helps her paintings ´ own life, which, I repeat, you have to see more once, free from prejudices and a certain rejection or incomprehension. A travelling woman, who found of Egypt and distant islands, Batís Campillo deserves more than respect.